About Montessori
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Welcome home. If you are looking for a strong foundation for your kids in learning and development without compromising all the fun, then you are right at home. Located in Northwest of Oakville, we follow the Montessori method and philosophy of education. Using this child centered "whole child" concept and by keeping the school size under six, we are able to provide individual assistance to every child in academic, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to help children become self-directed, independent, courteous and joyful while developing a true love for learning.


Montessori is a systematic and comprehensive approach that utilizes childrens natural curiosity to explore and learn whatever they see and attract them. This makes learning not a boring chore, but a fun and focused self-discovery. A Montessori enviroment exposes children with attractive materials dealing with both academics and self-development. The child is drawn to these materials based on their taste and preference and initiates the learning process. Besides, introducing the children to be motivated and self-learners at a very early age, Montessori makes them good peer-learners, cross-trainers and perfectionists. A teacher in Montessori system is expected to be an observer, a mentor and the personal guide of every child.



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2110 Redstone Crescent | Oakville | Ontario | Canada
Phone: 647.401.3329